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WE ARE a Costa Rican based travel agency who value the idea of offering fresh and unique experiences to those travelers who are bold enough to immerse in new cultures, and life-changing experiences. 

At La Casita del Turista, we want to you to feel at home, safe, and empowered. This is why we have taken all the necessary precautions to meet your traveling needs, and connect you with a select group of passionated people that share a similar vision of what the world has to offer. 

Our primary focus is exclusive traveling itineraries in Latin America. 

Image by Vlad Hilitanu
Image by Patryk Gauza


WE ARE experts in the field, so we have crafted special traveling  itineraries that will enrich your learning experience.


Our main objetive is to provide students with immersive and engaging educational experiences that broaden their perspectives, foster curiosity, and inspire a love for learning. Our programs aim to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation for different cultures, while also promoting personal growth and global citizenship. We are committed to delivering high-quality, safe, and transformative travel experiences that empower students to become lifelong learners.

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